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I invite you to take a journey through Sexual Sovereignty, Sacred dance, Ceremonial Arts, Womb Wisdom & Ancestral Healing into the deepest wellspring of yourself…



that is if you’re courageous and willing enough… 


Obsidian Womb Is a culture of honoring, healing and reclamation. What that looks like is that not only are women supporting women to heal, learn and grow from traumas and womb imbalances. But each individual woman who comes through the obsidian womb is touched with the memory of how to truly honor her body’s innate wisdom. She is empowered to lead others towards their destiny. She has found the courage to go deep within the wellsprings of her own being, and admit to her wrong doings, mistakes and to make it right again. She finds support, accountability and reflections which in return creates integrity, humanity and service of helping others to equally feel good again and stay feeling good in a female body. 


Participate in this culture of women who believe in thriving future generations for connected health possibilities …

Ladies, Join us in this feminine uprising.

 Womb Sovereignty initiation

online 3 month Apprenticeship 

Next journey begins March 21, 2023, Apply now!

Working with the Obsidian yoni egg we  journey together for 3 months online via zoom calls, emails, private Soul Ministry coaching, workshops, 1 live day-long retreat, and group forums to support one  to thrive & embody our truth as we overcome our most difficult shadowy health challenges as women.

  • Attune to lunar rhythms, balance hormones & regulate cycles effectively
  • Receive support from mentors and an empowered female community 
  • Cultivate  Taoist Vitality Practices & Ovarian Qigong
  • Uncover your root cause of reproductive issues and disease 
  • Heal sexual trauma & pelvic floor discomfort

Do you feel a strong calling to help Women to Heal, Embody their power, and Serve the planet in a bigger way? 


photo by Rose Dayal


embodied path of the priestess

Become ordained as a Priestess of Isis,

A year long 13 moon evolutionary female leadership training.

Are you ready?


Why Obsidian?

Obsidian Signifies the deep & ultimate shadow work that a woman is called upon to do in herself in a lifetime so that she can awaken from her pain-body to live a thriving vital life in service of her gifts

gratitude for ayah


What a goddess! I am so blessed to be learning from this powerful medicine woman who carries and teaches Moon Dance medicine. I started attending Ayah’s Women, Drumming, and Power Songs circle last year and the sacred indigenous medicine songs called me home to my own brilliance.

Gabriela G.

It’s no surprise that I’ve experienced the most intense and passionate relationship of my life. Grateful for the medicine played out and the guidance of beloved Ayah. She has an apprenticeship program that I highly recommend if you’re ready to clear trauma!

Ix-chel Sandivel

Obsidian egg practice has been a wonderful healing experience. I found deep connection with the rhythms and cycles of myself Mother Earth and Moon. Practicing with Ayah , I had a safe space to clear stuck energy and move forth with soul support through menopause.
Rachel Cepeda

obsidian yoni eggs

Receive the Obsidian Egg Protocol through live transmission.

  • Restore healthy feminine yin balance
  • Remove trauma
  • Unlock creativity
  • Stones sourced from Mexico
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Soul Ministry Coaching

Choose between Sexual Sovereignty & Soul Ministry sessions. Help clarify and anchor personal goals, understand your dharma (karmic gifts that you came here with), and identify ancestral patterns and energetic blocks.

  • 35 min sessions
  • 60 min sessions
  • 90 min sessions

Ancestral womb healing kit


  • Obsidian egg
  • Protocol guidelines PDF,
  • Sacred Code of Ethics & Safe keeping
  • 90 min Webinar
  • 1 Private Soul Ministry Session 60min
  • Price



     Obsidian Signifies the deep s womb work that we do as women on the planet. 


    The deep shadowy feminine archetype that receives and restores herself by going inside and letting go of guilt, shame, past traumas, sexual misconduct and comes out walking her truth and beauty fully connected to her innate feminine wisdom through her hormones and menstrual cycle. She becomes less reactive and more centered, awake, alive and able to make decisions for her health that affect her family and future generations in positive ways to come…

    Working the obsidian yoni egg in congruence with the female vitality practices is the ultimate deep transpersonal radical-self love shadow work that we can do on ourselves in this lifetime. Obsidian is powerful. It pulls blocked emotions and brings stuck energy to the surface while providing protection, strength, and support to our wombs. Sexual sovereignty & connection to our reproductive power is a crucial factor in harnessing our ultimate potential of life force energy. These practices and medicines work inside of us, attuning to what our bodies need to reach its optimal state of vitality and healing. With courage, support, and practices such as ovarian qigong, yoni-steaming, sacred dance, and sisterhood, we can now maintain healthy sexual organs & healthier relationships to our loving selves.


    I believe that the Obsidian Womb Wellness vision supports each woman to resource the deep embodied feminine essence that she desires so that she may be powerful in the world today.

    Rev. Ayah Buonaugurio

    Women's Health Advocate, Obsidian Womb Wellness

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