A few weeks ago, I was invited on Marin public tv to share my personal journey which led me to create Obsidian Womb Wellness. I shared about women’s reproductive health, rites of passage, and how the consciousness of the planet meaning creating healthy functioning societies on this planet is all based around honoring a woman and her cycles. I am grateful for the opportunity to share from a stream-of-consciousness format. And, I am still working on my public speaking skills, so my apologies for speaking so fast and passionate in moments!

Cassandra O’Conner, “Episode 2 of Conversations on Consciousness. This episode with Ayah Buonaugurio talks about women’s reproductive health/rites of passage/syncing up with the cycles of nature. The point of the show if to promote World Peace and Sustainable Living on the Planet, if what you do or how you be promotes World Peace/Sustainability, then come talk about it.”