I wanted to share with you all my greatest joy, a gift, and an important tool I have gained being a Water Carrier. How to create a water altar!

How does One become a Water Carrier? I have traveled around the Americas, north to south, seeking many traditions, rituals, ceremonies, and songs that honor the essence of the water element. I have collected waters from streams, great rivers, waterfalls, lakes, oceans, as well as from tears of crying women, from elders who too have carried sacred waters their entire lives. I have collected waters from sacred ceremonies, and also from polluted areas w/prayer to purify those waters. I carry a strong intention caring for the waters of life. I have initiated others in my life to become water carriers, but there truly is no initiation necessary to carry such a title. We all carry the waters of life in our bodies….

A Water Altar is a place of honoring the waters in your LIFE. A water altar is a messenger for your emotions, prayers, your ability to manifest, to listen and to enter shamanic dream worlds. Waters spirits are great allies, and create a calm channel and metaphor for the flow of Life. The altar reflects precisely how well we take care of life, as well provides the insight we need to be able to shift our perceptions and improve conditions in a compassionate and kind way towards ourselves.


To Begin: Get creative, trust your intuition and take a moment to feel the what the waters in your life are asking SPECIFICALLY of You.


Pay careful attention to your thoughts as you are preparing your altar. The water element is extremely absorbent and receptive to everything you are thinking, as well as feeling.
Clear and create space: Decide where you want to have your water altar in your house: it can be in your bedroom, garden, living room, temple, kitchen. In pagan traditions the West is the direction for the Waters. Prepare a altar table with clarity that the space designated will have clear energy, and be cared for. Put down a cloth of white, gold, blue, purple or any fabric that intuitively feels good.

Smudge the space with incense, sage, cedar, copal or incense of choice.

Decide what key sacred objects you want to go on the altar. Focus on the water symbols, sea shells, fertility and feminine deities, photos of water deities or dolphins, crystals. Then feel free to add photos of people you are praying for, or objects that represent virtues you are focusing on.

Find a bowl, clear glass, or any type of strong material that you feel holds and respects the quality of water molecules it will be holding. Now you are ready……….


Water Consecration Ritual:

Create time to find the closest water source near you in this moment. This means there could be a simple creek or a stream near your house or maybe you live near the ocean or a great lake, but for most of us we don’t have a abundant water source. That’s okay, rain water is great to collect, or even rain water from a puddle outside. When all else fails, gather water from your faucet in your house. The point of gathering water is not to find the most pristine water in the world near you, but to find the closest source of running water near you, gather it, and pray for it, pray with it and through it. All water, no matter where is comes from in that moment wants to be prayed over, and all water no matter where is found, once came from a pure pristine powerful source.


When you go to gather the water, be silent, in ritual, and ask the Water Elemental to guide you with healing thoughts.


While you gather the waters, feel free to then make offerings to Her ( I am using the reference to the Water as “Her”, but my intention is non-sexist as I refer to her entity like spirit form ) . Your offerings can be a song, tobacco, a clear quartz crystal, ect. Anything gesture to exchange the energy of ::::Gratitude:::
Carry the waters back to your altar bowl, and listen to the sound the water makes as you pour Her into the bowl.


Ask Her to help you, heal you, pray for the sickness in the world to go away; Have a conversation in your mind with HER until you feel deep inner peace and gratitude over come your entire being.


A note about Gratitude: “Living in Gratitude is one of the fastest ways to allow the energy of life to flow deliberately through your heart. it is about connecting with the source of life, which is infinite energy and directing its vitality through your heart. when you do this there is a tangible response within your body, and more specifically , in your heart.” (Heart Wisdom, Russell Feingold)


Dr. Masaru Emoto said, ” the very least we should do every day, is to speak to the water”

Personally I like to renew this water ritual once a week to keep the waters on my altar fresh and renewed, I feel that my life begins to feel stagnate when I lack the continuation of this weekly ritual. You’ll find that intuitively you’ll have your own relationship with your water altar. It will feel like a living breathing entity that is coursing through your consciousness guiding and speaking to You personally through your H2O molecules.

Another Tip: When I renew the waters each week from my altar, I always keep waters from the previous week/s in my sacred altar bowl to mix with the newest batch of waters that come in. Think of homeopathy too. This keeps a continual connection to all the previous prayers and relations I had with the first waters that came through. When I am ready to release the waters I will feed Her to my most favorite plants in the house/garden.

Again, these are only guidelines, that I hope will serve you to begin to intuit your own relationship with the Waters in your life. Feel Free to write to me of your feedback, experiences, breakthroughs and new inspirations that come about from these guidelines.


Another Gift! Please follow this link to the most amazing activism site about water! Here is the sweetest water song for you to learn Channeled by an Ojibwe elder Grandmother, for the WATERS, the-water-song
Water, we love you.
We thank you.
We respect you.


An Anishinabe prophesied that “In about 30 years, if we humans continue with our negligence, an ounce of drinking water will cost the same as an ounce of gold.”

Water is essential to survival and health.