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eclipse, obsidian & the underworld


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What does an Eclipse, Obsidian & the Underworld have in common that can help us return to our own inner balance?


Come explore with me where our subconscious thoughts and ancestral entanglements have a dance in the cosmic womb.


 Osiris was an Egyptian god, usually identified as the god of the afterlife, the underworld, and the dead, but more appropriately as the god of transition. The obsidian egg, is often referred to as “Osiris” because of its psycho energetic attributes and qualities. 


“Osiris is a deity and because of its dimensionality, can through the psycho-energetic work help us to transit the freedom of those chains that in an ancestral way bind us. We can see how it is a great step to the development and evolution of Women.”

Ana Silvia Serrano

(Teacher of obsidian therapies  in mexico, my protocol originates from her teachings)


Obsidian is of the center of the earth, therefore holds the eons consciousness and power that comes from mother Gaia, but I assure you it is also a gateway into the underworld! A volcanic stone, composed of mostly silica, iron and magnesium oxide, it pushes to the surface of the earth, cools drys and reflects a seemingly black (or iridescent) surface. I imagine the underworld composed of similar colors! The Underworld being seemingly an internal space inhabited by our own subconscious minds it is said that the Obsidian in the form of an egg is a formation of Osiris ( the Egyptian god of the underworld)  having the ability to heal our own bio-energetic field healing the balance feminine energy that pervades our unconscious tendencies. It is the imbalance of the collective yin energy on the planet that lurks through  these deterimental subconscious patterns. As volcanic memories propose obsidian allows “eruptions” of all the memories that have been buried inside as energy, emotions and thoughts. These archetypes are energetic structures that form the lived memories of humanity on planet earth. This shadow work enables us to travel through the collective psyche as an emotional approach which enables us to change current systems of belief that rules our lives.  What is it  that causes us to have mis-lead vision, leaking energy or just pure desire that erupts out of the primordial abyss of being human? What is a black hole and why do they exist? Perhaps we can begin to understand that the nature of existence pervades in the qualities of life, preservation and death. There is no yin without Yang. There is not sustenance of life on earth without the rising of the sun, nor the orbit of the moon. When a forest burns down, when an animal or plant dies and no human can witness it, does it still exist? 

Obsidian has shown me about beliefs patterns that I attach an egoic-identity of life and death. When a solar/lunar eclipse passes intense life events are at stake. I am no astrologer, but I witness during eclipses the passage of death, injuries,  amplified feelings and emotions that erupt unexpectedly commonly related to past wounds & events. The skeletons in the closet come out to dance and play during the times of eclipses.

When we choose to work with an absorbent stone like obsidian, it in the same way as an eclipse erupts dormant often stagnant emotions and/or memories. If we work with the obsidian properly, we can see clearly into the places we have wronged ourselves or may it be others. We can pull up to root causes to the diseases that manifest due to these feminine yin imbalances. We are able to shed light to these dark, cold, forgotten places in our psyche. In the same way that the sun shed’s like to the dark of the moon. A new moon invokes each month a new cycle, a new beginning. So as the moon wanes, we release what no longer serves us. And in this we have an ego-death. Whenever there is a death there is a new beginning. And in the same way that winter has hibernation, stillness and death plant life. We enter in the spring, where these new ideas, flowers of inspiration spring forth a better way to live.

Once the obsidian or an eclipse has performed its process or cycle, One can begin to lift the veils that have held them back in a cycle of pain and return naturally to imprinting a new cycle of where life-force and vitality are quickened by the vibration of love and the wisdom to make the changes worth living a life with greater purpose.  



Do you work with Obsidian?

You should know that eclipses are Not an ideal time to work with obsidian, in fact it is suggested NOT to work with this stone during this time.This is what my teachers have told me and i kinda just accepted it without questions but I did think about it deeply last time there was an eclipse 1 year ago. What I sense strongly is that if you work with obsidian during this time it’s kinda like coyote medicine. This is great trickster energy and it tends to work in reverse of your favor or intentions! Other association would be the native american version of Heyoka aka the sacred shamanic clown or even lighting bolt energy. Be aware things will have a reverse amplified affect.


   The Underworld

(understanding your own pervasive subconscious tendencies)

There are basically 3 different types of disturbances that can negatively affect our pure nature. From our own subconscious, from the subconscious of others and from the underworld. Here is a look at these patterns and how they affect us. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on each one and if or how you relate!

  1. Indulgence in negative or unconscious tendencies. This can weaken and damage our relationship with the light of consciousness.
  2. Disturbed by the negative thoughts, emotions and energies of others. This occurs when our mind is unguarded and too open or if we have failed to establish healthy boundaries.
  3. Being attacked directly from the underworld. This can be created through our own subconsciousness as well as the subconscious of others. This often enters people who are psychically unstable, locked in negative patterns, or simple unconscious.
    There is a lot more that can be said about each one of these disturbances, and it’s important we learn how to recognize them and empower ourselves to deal with them efficiently and effectively. As our spiritual evolution begins to progress, we will find oneself increasingly sensitive to the energies of the unconscious, particularly to those with dark and negative patterns.

In conclusion..

Initiation takes place if we choose to go into our own underworld willingly and dive into the shadow of our own pervading subconscious muck ! When we are able to navigate the control of returning from these depths with our own cognitive tools thus we are Initiated.   Our psychic gifts of perception strengthen the more that we choose to live and unveil TRUTH. If we fall prey to our own subconscious tendencies due to unconscious choices, life initiates us forcibly against our own will and we can often have a more difficult time integrating and interpreting positive experience from these realms. I hope you are following me because now is the time that we make new choices of how we want to be moving forward into this eclipse moon cycle. 


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