path of the priestess

13 moon evolutionary female leadership facilitator training

one year training
sacred initiation
legal ordination
Embodied Path of
The Priestess of Isis

A 13 moon evolutionary female leadership training

An advanced course & spiritual initiation for
young professionals 



Please inquire with-in for more detailed information regarding the course in regards to Covid-19 protocols. We will honor safe regulations for meetings and plan retreats accordingly. 

Are you empowered to help other Women on this planet thrive through Sacred Sexuality, Ceremony, Womb Wellness, Dance, and Prayer? 

Do you feel ready to recognize your innate gifts and how to resource them effectively all the time? 

ARE YOU COMMITTED TO deeper emergence at this time? 


The calling for initiation is deeper than just a willingness to strengthen one’s bond to spirit. Becoming a Reverend Priestess is a marriage between the higher self and the goddess. It is a life sacrifice to be in service of a higher calling to serve sentient beings. It requires a particular willingness, seeing, intuition, and strength to put aside human desires in order to respond to the higher calling to humble in be of service to others. Initiates draw nourishment from divine mother, the earth, the elements, the seasons cycles of nature, the sun, the moon and the stars, and in return we take refuge in her great mysteries.


For over a decade Ayah traveled extensively studying dance, indigenous medicine and ceremony in multicultural contexts primarily in North, Central and South America. She has apprenticed while undertaking extensive commitments with both elders and lineage carriers including Priestess Kalita Todd of ( FOI ) Fellowship of Isis.

Rev. Ayah Buonaugurio, Priestess, Women’s Health Advocate and Facilitator

Why Isis?
Why Initiation?
Why now?

Once one makes a contract as Initiate there is no turning back. There is no structure nor time or space that determine what challenges, sacrifices as well as what road the soul must travel on to seek its right direction. There are tools, guidelines, practices, and knowledge that are put in place to guide the transmission. This takes place in the relationship of mentor to apprenticeship. The direct transmission from an ordained priest or priestess to the apprentice allows one to gain the most integrity allowing the cataclysm of knowledge and experience to be transferred into direct wisdom.

Isis came to me in a dream when I was 15 years old. She appeared with a white silhouette, quite similar to the image of mother Mary. I would also like to note that I believe the virgin Mary as well as Mary Magdalene were trained in the arts as well initiated as priestesses of Isis. She presented herself as Isis, the mother of all things, and she vowed in that dream that she was my mother and would forever protect me. I woke up to a feeling of renewed faith and what followed was a deep inner knowing that had yet to unveil. I came to learn of her pantheon shortly after. The great mother of ancient Egypt, her esoteric symbols enchanted me and her magick drew me into a world of mystical possibility. She gave meaning to my life. I spent many teenage years worshiping and performing rituals for her. My adult life took many new turns of spiritual seeking and travels before until one day arrived where I felt the calling to step into the path service through spiritual ministry.
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“I have worked with Ayah extensively over the course of 3 years and have learned immeasurable amounts of information unraveling the mysteries of life. Her work in ritual and ceremony has guided me onto a new path of my own, and her advice and consultation have guided my healing over the course of the years. Ayah guided me on the use of the obsidian egg to clear unwanted negative energies from my body. Being able to place the egg, and know how to use it to clear intrusive negative energy and to dissipate unwanted energetic cords was a vital experience in my own deep healing. She is wise beyond her years and has a wealth of knowledge just waiting to be tapped. Tap in! You won’t regret it!”
Former Initiate: Anandha Moon Ray

You will choose one of these below topics to focus on. It is possible that another course of study will propose itself to you along the way and we will access your gifts, skills, and guidance to decide together the best skill to master during this training. You will however be tested on your knowledge and embodiment of all these topics…


Towards the end of the year-long training, you’ll be asked to write a biography about the points in your life that turned you toward your spiritual path…



What you’ll learn:

Obsidian Yoni Egg
Obsidian Womb Apprenticeship

3 month Obsidian Womb Apprenticeship program. Already completed Level 1 Arrive at level 2 & 3 to complete the entire training! Opportunity to become a facilitator. 

Cycles of the moon

Learn how to work with the cycles of the moon . Understand & master your unique Moon2Womb cycle.  Participate in a 28 day Sadhana/Spiritual practice to attune to, optimize and create success with your ebb and flow. 

The art of creating Ceremonial Dance

A combination of ethno-contemporay dance training & Learn the foundations to create a score or choreography that embodies the depth of your prayer. 

Egyptian Pantheon

The Ancient Egyptian Pantheon and Alchemical Healing as taught by Nikki Scully. 

How to facilitate ceremonies

Learn a format called the “Art of how to facilitate ceremonies” at individual, community and large group scales for life, death, marriage, seasons & cycles of change and healing purposes.

Medicine wheel training
Become associated with the cycles of the wheel of year, the pagan holidays, the solar & lunar cycles, the elements, animal totems, and additional astrological and esoteric associations. This also includes bringing all the wisdom teachings you have received together in your lifetime at your altar. Learn to care for and activate the medicine of your altars. 
Dance of Life
“The Dance of Life” is a dance of the four directions that has roots in Cherokee tradition. This dance is easy for everyone to learn and is a powerful tool for calling energy into a space. The dance of life allows for the heart to burst open with receptivity to mother earth, all her elements as well as opening to the higher cosmos unifying and integrating all the directions into the human body. The dance invokes true inner guidance with heart medicine and provides a way to bring communities together.

Female Vitality practices are at the core of Obsidian Womb Wellness. 

These are practices rooted in taoist tantric arts and are designed to immediately lift your spirits, energy levels and boost your immune system & regulates hormones. 

Hormones are powerful chemical messengers that control our mood, energy and stress levels, metabolism, sleep, reproductive function and many other fundamental bodily functions.

In the Tao “emotional intelligence” is a process of recognizing emotions by their effects on the body, and employing exercises that transform the negative emotions into positive life force, or Chi. 

 1. Inner Smile Meditation
2. Breast Massage
3. Kidney Qi Breathing
4. Ovarian Qi Breathing
 5. MicroCosmic Orbit


Receive and become trained in a unique coaching & dowsing format that helps individual clients to understand & recognize their personal goals, unique dharma (karmic gifts that you came here with), while identifying ancestral patterns and energetic blocks. The facilitator strategically aligns to their own as the client’s higher power to design a practical plan guiding them to confidently overcome what is getting in the way of attaining their highest priority in health and healing. Learn to create a safe sacred container, like a womb, where each sister is valid in her story, deeply listened to, and accountable to herself. Her vulnerability is her power to heal and there is no story that cannot be transformed and turned into medicine for the soul. Helping others to recognize the next steps that the soul is now ready to claim breaking free of negative cycles and reclaiming personal power and strength to walk in truth.

Women, Drumming & Power Songs

For a long time now women have gathered to sing, drum and pray upon the mother earth as a means to cultivate health and sisterhood in their lives. It is time to reclaim our birth right and come together to cultivate our voices with power and send it out for the healing of the mother earth, Join Ayah’s song circles

Sexual sovereignty activation sessions

You’ll learn how to conduct quick assessments as well as deep dive sessions for your clients. Sexual sovereignty is not only about owning your  identity, gaining pleasure and freedom, but it’s the ability to live a life where you are completely connected & activated to create success through harmonizing with your female hormones & reproductive power. You’ll be guided to recognize negative emotional cycles & toxic relationship patterns that have been blocking the gateway to true pleasure. Gain insight into  your root cause of reproductive dis-ease in your ancestry. We’ll Align to your higher power to clarify what you absolutely want for your health and  Sexual vitality in this time.

Yoni Steam Ritual & Certificaion

You’ll learn how to facilitate Yoni aka Vaginal Steam Rituals for your clients. 

Vaginal steaming is, sitting over herbal infused water that has

been heated , the medicinal steam enters around the pelvic floor

and yoni. This supports the awakening of the womb, nourishes the uterus lining

as well as increasing circulation to the whole of the pelvis

and physical womb and portal to the cervix . Vaginal tissue is

one of the most absorbent of the entire female body so Yoni

steams are very supportive to women’s health.

Vaginal Steaming can support many common female reproductive concerns.

gratitude for ayah



 “After a year of practicing with the obsidian egg, I can definitely say that I’m in a better place than where I started.  I find myself being able to be much more truthful with my partner and open with him in our intimate relationship.  I took out an IUD so that I could dive into this practice, and I’m glad that I did.  My moon cycle has become very regular, lighter, and more manageable. I definitely feel more connected to my womb, my cycle, and my desires since starting this work.  It’s a big commitment to make and a lot of work, it wasn’t always easy or enjoyable, but I am really pleased with where I find myself in this present moment.”

Jenna W

The Embodied Path of the Priestess year-long program is truly a multi-dimensional initiation. Ayah is a channel for the works of the Divine Feminine. She holds a powerful prayer and carries important wisdom teachings, bringing forth her decades of experience walking the Red Road as a Moon-dancer and Temple Dancer. 

Through this container, I was able to: directly develop a relationship with both Isis and the Obsidian Egg and receive personal transmissions from the powerful and deep lineages Ayah carries; accompany Ayah on two visits to Teotihuacan pyramids, the birthplace of Obsidian teachings; attend two Moon-dances (Danza de la Luna), the lineage of Obsidian teachings, making a commitment of my own to this prayer and work; create and perform a ritual dance; complete a traditional Vision Quest; and learn deeply about the Red Road path through regular sweat lodges, working with the Medicine Wheel and learning ceremonial arts. In following a path to become a facilitator of Obsidian Womb teachings, I was able to go deep into my own ancestral healing process, as well as have the opportunity to begin serving others on this path. Additionally, Ayah’s coaching frameworks helped deepen my work with clients.

I learned lifetimes about myself over the course of the year and a half I worked with Ayah, through the pandemic no less. I profoundly expanded in my soul’s path, experienced many life-changing breakthroughs and was able to awaken parts of my soul I didn’t know I had lost. If you are being called to this program, I feel confident it will bring transformation and insights into your life. 

Karina Cienega Allison

“10 days away from completing a 9 Full Moon celibacy journey. 🤰🏾🕯🔮💎

Nope it wasn’t pure celibacy. It was perfect for me and I contained my sexual energy in two very specific and confronting ways. 🙃💪🏾🤓🧜🏾‍♀️

The first 5 months were pure, after reaching my goal and surpassing my previous pure celibacy time period of 4.5 months, I was ready to begin the process of playing with my energy in a way that still honored my two specific boundaries. 💎✌🏾💖

Simultaneously I’ve been working with my Golden Obsidian Yoni Crystal everyday except for the days I was guided to not use such as during my moon, close to 7 months now. It’s no surprise that I’ve experienced the most intense and passionate relationship of my life. 🤪🥳🦇❣️Obsidian is a protective stone of truth that clears trauma that my ancestors used. 💎

Grateful for the medicine played out and the guidance of beloved Ayah Buonaugurio. She has an apprenticeship program that I highly recommend if you’re ready to clear trauma! 🙅🏾‍♀️

The toxic intensity was part of the healing, transformation and integration. My intention in working with the obsidian crystal and during a time of “celibacy” was to give birth to my sovereignty in an ancestral and self loving way. The unveiling is happening as I continue to shed! 🐍🦋🌹”

#obsidian #ObsidianYoniCrystal #Celibacy #9months #10MoreDays


you will receive

Private coaching/mentoring
Become a legally ordained spiritual minister & priestess

Become a legally ordained spiritual minister & priestess through Temple of Isis & Fellowship of Isis. You’ll be able to perform marriage ceremonies, open a church, and more!

Teaching positions at events

Assisted teaching positions at workshops, retreats, and public ceremonial events.

four retreats

four (3-7 day) retreats through out 13 months. Accommodation & 2 meals a day included.

Lifetime membership to the FOI

Association with the Fellowship Of Isis FOI & Temple of Isis in California. Lifetime membership to the FOI.

Certificates of completion

For The Obsidian Womb Apprenticeship and for The Art of Creating Ceremonial Dances.

A vision quest

A Vision Quest (calendar TBA) semi-traditional in late spring date tba

Sweatlodge temazcal

aka Purification rituals

Soul ministry calls

6 x 1hr Deep Dive Soul ministry calls with me through-out 13 months.

Ancestral Womb Healing Kit

The entire Obsidian Egg Ancestral Womb Healing Kit

Periodic-Intensive dance training
Special invitations to private events
Speaking engagements
Performance opportunity
 Self-Care & Wellness Retreats
Co-Teaching & Facilitating opportunities
one ordination
Bi-Monthly group meetings
Optional Moon Dance ritual

Option to participate in supporting or committing to Moon Dance ritual in Teotihuacan, Mexico during full moon in October or Quebec, Canada during the full moon in August. (This is a 4 day 4 night 4 year commitment not to be taken lightly. Additional costs apply.)

Guest Teachers 

Rev. Kalita Todd

Kalitama is an ordained Priestess of Isis and an Energy Healing practitioner of Alchemical Healing for over 30 years. Healing in the realms of the physical body, emotional, spiritual or mental are all possible. A private session with her will gift you with the tools to continue to focus healing where it is needed. This is a transformative experience which enhances any other healing modalities you may be using. She has great skill in opening the path into the magic and mystery of several ancient healing arts and creating an understanding of the practical uses in today’s world.

Her sense of spirit comes from ancient earth wisdom, deep family traditions and organic farming. She has worked with the organic farming community as an activist and spiritual guide for 40 years.

She is a marker of cycles. She offers ceremony for life’s rites of passage and ritual for the turning of the earth’s wheel through the seasons.

Rev. Anandha Ray MA, MA, DTR,

“Through dance that is real, that is authentic, that holds the power of truth and of ritual and  ceremony in it’s artistic expression, we grow to know more about the human spirit… There is nothing more SACRED than this.”   

Ordained Priestess of Isis Anandha has dedicated over 40 years to the full-time passion of dance. She is an award-winning choreographer who was instrumental in the development of dance in the late 20th and early 21st century, directed a critically acclaimed internationally touring dance company, was a Cultural Ambassador with the US Embassy, the chairperson of university and community dance programs, and combining the resources of her experience with her masters degrees research topics she has created a revolutionary form for training professional dancers.

the commitment

What is asked of Thee:

To commit 100% or more. There will be no dropping out of the apprenticeship. If life delays arise due to illnesses, deaths, or complications, the council will access an extension of completion of training. This path is for warriors of the heart and there is not limitation of time and space when one is undergoing a true life initiation.

The commitment is one year of bi-monthly group meetings online or in person, study, and community offerings of ritual and ceremonies that follow the seasons and astrological cycles of the earth and important human awakening needs in these times.

Artist credit: Mariela de la Paz
  • Understanding of the FOI manifesto
  • daily rites by yourself, 1 per month with mentor or group setting
  • You’ll be asked to choose 3 patron goddesses to work with, which includes Isis. This is not limited to the Egyptian pantheon!
  • Ability to take personal responsibility for all contracts
  • The commitment is one year of 3 retreat dates set in Northern California, monthly (online) meetings, study, and monthly community offerings of ritual and ceremonies that follow the seasons and astrological cycles of the earth and important human awakenings need in these times.
  • We meet every 3-4 months, we first meet July 13th-17th for immersive embodiment retreat. Meanwhile, a calendar for the year will be negotiated that will work and accommodate our needs. A once a month meeting in person or via zoom (video calls) will include mystery school teachings, sharing our progress, and planning the monthly offering. Everyone is allowed to miss a meeting and ceremony only after creating an arrangement with Ayah.
  • You will be asked to write a spiritual auto-biography about the points in your life that turned you toward your spiritual path.

    The Fellowship of Isis is a peaceful society that has members worldwide from all cultures, races and religions. It honors the good in all faiths and the Divine Feminine in all of Her forms. The Manifesto, written in 1976 when the Fellowship was first founded, provides its basic principles.

Are You Ready?

We shall dive into a daily practice as a way to deepen our relationship with the elements that provide foundation for this work, as well as with the goddess Isis. This is about going inside and weaving, or rather fine-tuning, the fabric of our being. This is similar to the way a spider weaves its web and how a musician tunes his instrument. All of these elements and cycles of life exist already within You, and it is in understanding how You relate to each one, that you will find the power of utilizing each one and directing it towards your will. So again, my goal here is encourage the innate power that is within You to arise and step forth into divine Union with the purpose you have come to fulfill. The sacred duty of being a Priestess of Isis means that one will use their intuition to fully comprehend their own individual spiritual task. For each one of us, that is spiritual task is different. But it entails the initiation of life, fused with specific training, discipline and innate understanding of the transformation of sexual energy. This is why we embark on a journey into our wombs. Further in the year to come, we will embark on a 3 month course into healing traumas through our wombs and fully empowering and taking charge to be in service again. This Sadhana practice is a preliminary, and I’m so excited to share with you as we approach the moon dance this fall!


As We commit together, I make a contract with your soul to carry, up lift and use my higher judgment to direct you soul’s journey and longing to be fulfilled and initiated.


Your commitment: 13 months of training


  • 400 hours
  • Meet (almost) every 4 months for an immersive retreat 3-7 days
  • Become legally ordained spiritual minister through FOI (fellowship of Isis) & TOI ( Temple of Isis)  
  • Adhere to Sacred Code of Ethics


dear sister

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Embody your vision.
Ground it into the earth.
Sustain her.