the goddess & the path of the priestess

Ladies, Lately I’ve been immersing in studies around female deities and matrilineal societies to help understand not only where we once came from but to deepen my understanding of how evolutionary leadership may be facilitated based on what has worked in the past, many many years ago and where few societies still exist peacefully today….
For me this feels alike a solution or at least worth taking a dig into…
so lets get clear, (and we will during my talk this week!)
What is the difference between matrilineal and patrilineal?
There are two main types of descent systems: patrilineal and matrilineal. A patrilineal descent system is one in which an individual’s kin group, or clan membership, is traced through men. … A matrilineal descent system traces descent through the women of the clan.
In matrilineal societies there is no hierarchy, like there is in patrilineal. What can we NOW learn from our fore-mothers and ancestors that can bring us into leading this world from an empowered female centric way?

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The Goddess & Path of the Priestess:

Embodiment practices (Rituals of adornment, blood mysteries, birth, Matrilineal traditions, Goddess of fertility & prosperity )

Connecting with your ancestors ( be guided & prompted to work with your lineage goddesses)

The Path of Priestess Isis (understanding the FOI, the patron goddess, and priestess training.)

Goddess worship & Matrilineal lineages

Other topics to be covered:
Legal Ordination and how to become ordained
Evolutionary female leadership
Becoming a female health advocate.

Embodied path of the priestess




NEW Start Date July 20th, 2020!

the dark mother...

We are standing in SOLIDARITY with POC & #Blacklivesmatter. The Dark Mother Icons are most widely excavated and yet historically known to be overlooked. These images represent an entire range of attributes honoring life, death, preservation & renewal of life…

Join me tomorrow to explore these paradigms of feminine iconic power and how we may inherit widsom from them to prepare us for the change has come collectively moving forward


” As Egypt is an African nation, Isis is an African Goddess. In at least one ancient text, She is specifically a black African Goddess when She says of Herself, “I am the Nubian and I have descended from heaven.” (Nubia was what is now southern Egypt and northern Sudan. Nubian pharaohs ruled Egypt as its 25th Dynasty.) Another text, from the Ptolemaic temple of Hathor at Denderah, says that Isis was born a “black and ruddy woman, endowed with life, sweet of love”.

“Black Isis” by Zingaia. You can find her on Deviant Art.
Modern artists are increasingly depicting Isis as a black woman and I’m very happy to see their beautiful work showing up online more frequently.

But blackness wasn’t just about ethnic heritage to the Egyptians. It was also symbolic. Black was the color of fertility, the color of the rich, black silt that the Nile deposited on Egyptian fields during the Inundation. Black was the color of the healing statues that were carved with magical formulae and over which sufferers poured water, then drank the magically infused water as a medicine. Black is the color of the heavens at night, from which the Goddess descends to us as a Nubian. Black is the color of the dead, as the resins used in mummification turned dark over time. ” from:

What about “The Black Madonna of Poland was used as a badge of freedom by the Solidarity movement in the 1980’s and the brown Virgin of Guadalupe is a symbol for change
in this hemisphere. The Shrine of the Black Madonna is a growing community for African- Americans in the U.S. The essence of spirituality and religion is kindness, unconditional love and acceptance of human imperfection. The Black Madonna as the mother of us all embodies this ideal.” Goddess Icons of the Dark Mother Around the Globe by Lydia Ruyle

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