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Womb Clearing
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Obsidian Womb Sovereignty Initiation

Pre-register for Spring’s Apprenticeship!

Spring’s Apprenticeship begins March 21, 2023!

Open to 13 women


In the Womb sovereignty initiation aka online apprenticeship

you will learn how to: 

  • Receive accountability &  support from an empowered and committed community of compelling female leaders. 

  • Break through negative emotional cycles & toxic relationship patterns

  • Uncover your root cause of reproductive imbalances

  • Heal sexual trauma & pelvic floor discomfort

  • Gain womb sovereignty tools while harnessing ancient vitality practices to maintain ultimate feminine self care. (including Ovarian Breathing/ Qigong & Obsidian Yoni Egg…..)

  • Attune yourself to lunar rhythms, balance your hormones & regulate your endocrine cycles effectively

  • Bonus: 1 daylong  retreat in Northern California, TBA

  • What is the womb apprenticeship?

    • During the Obsidian Womb Apprenticeship, we utilize the Obsidian Egg (a therapeutic tool to heal memories of the female genital tract). 
    • We journey together for 3 months via zoom calls, emails, private coaching, workshops, group forums and videos intensives, plus, 1 live retreat to support one another to rise up to their truth.
    •  You will become part of an amazing community of empowered female companions who are sensitive, driven to live in truth, and willing to show up and support one another. We learn the most rapidly when we are in circle.  We each commit to the other reclaiming her truth in full confidentiality..



During the apprenticeship you will receive:

  • 2 Live 90-minute Group Coaching Calls per month (7 total): These group coaching calls focus on various 7 Module themes as well the application of the Obsidian Egg. Time for Q&A and personal sharing will follow. We will circle together in a strong group container that supports you to break through and attain the truth that you came here to live. 

  • Female Vitality Immersion: Taoist-Tantric principals in 3 Video Workshop Intensives: You will receive 1 video workshop per month to receive womb sovereignty tools immersing in topics of sexual health & vitality. Topics Include: Pelvic floor exercises, Ovarian QiGong, Cultivating Herbal formulas to balance hormones, Resistance to environmental toxicity, Aligning with the Magic of Your Moon-Womb Cycle-Attuning to the cycles. You will also learn about vaginal steams, female pelvic floor anatomy, conscious conception, contraceptives & blood ritual.

  • 3 Private Soul Ministry Coaching Sessions:   These private sessions are 55 minutes-long once a month ( 3 in total ) designed for you to drop in deeper with your goals, challenges and how you can feel supported to create a strategy for success on your journey. 

  • 7 Steps to Owning Your Truth: – You’ll have 7 modules to take you through a medicine wheel to reach your Obsidian Womb wellness goals.

  • Weekly Emails that inspire, inform and keep your mindset on track!

  • Bi-Monthly Mp3 Meditations available to download attributed to each module.

  • Access to a Private Online Community Forum where we can all share our goals, our breakthrough experiences, our struggles and post to inspire one another.

  • 24-hour Email Access for questions.

  • Access to a Private-secured Online Forum. 

  • Bonus: TBA 1 day Womb Wellness Daylong Intensive in the Santa Cruz mountains, California~

  • Level 2 Mentoring option: A Mastery Program for womb wellness leaders.

Optional Discounted Support: Thai Herbal Massage, Mayan Uterine aka Womb Massage & Yoni-Steam Sessions. Read more about these options here.



  • Middle-aged professional woman who is ready to feel more connected to your vitality, while integrating feminine energy into your career, and/or possibly shifting your career focus. 
  • Mom who wants to feel energized in her libido.  You’re driven to become sexually active,  balanced in hormones, less stress and while more energetic.
  • Woman who specializes in teaching women’s sexuality and wants to empower and explore deeper their own healing, hormonal imbalances, trauma responses. 
  • Female-Prenuer, Health Coach, Energy-Worker, Midwife, Doula, Naturopath, Yogini, or Dancer who is ready to dive deeper into sexual sovereignty and healing inter-generational trauma. 
  • Peri, Pre & Post Menopausal woman who is ready to restore their womb imbalances and transition through menopause in a beautiful, honoring way.


    The Obsidian Womb Apprenticeship IS NOT FOR YOU IF YOU ARE…

  • Pregnant
  • Breastfeeding
  • Living with an IUD or use birth control pills  (please inquire about our other options for this!)
  • Diagnosed with clinical depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia or if you suffer from mental illness
  • A victim of sexual assault (within the last six months) 
  • Having trouble with following through on commitments. This requires a minimum 3-month contract and commitment to yourself and the sacred container we create together. 

Your Mentor:

Ayah Buonaugurio is a passionate facilitator of Hatha Yoga, Sacred Dance, and founder of Obsidian Womb Wellness & Embodied Path of the Priestess, working as a Women’s Health Advocate in the S.F Bay Area California. She’s a legally ordained Priestess of Isis & through the FOI (Fellowship of Isis) as well as Ordained Minister through ONACS. Through the container of women’s rituals & events, Ayah educates, supports and advocates women allowing them to feel empowered to make informed decisions concerning their health in alignment with their cyclical natures.


Since 2009, Ayah has worked closely with the obsidian stone through prayer, dedicated practice, and transmission from Mexico-Nahuatl grandmothers through the participation of the Danza de la Luna of Ollinthuimetzli in Mexico. Prior to working specifically with the obsidian egg for healing the womb, she has spent over 10 years devoted to a feminine lineage in Mexico that taught her how to utilize a sacred obsidian pipe on behalf of praying for her life. Ayah thereafter discovered the obsidian egg, and began to apply ancestral shadow work, balancing & womb healing. Ayah received transmission through personal vision & practice as well as guided instructions from experienced practitioners that live in Durango, MX. She teaches a specific protocol that originated from teacher Ana Silvia Serrano who founded an organization in Mexico for obsidian therapies.


 Ayah has contributed to the growth and nourishment of local communities by facilitating dance classes for at-risk youth, ceremonial dances at sacred pilgrimage sites, woman’s womb wellness programs, as well as individual and group healing rituals utilizing obsidian therapies. 

Ayah Buonaugurio, Priestess and Guide

“I am loving the container you are holding for our work, the deep practice of intention setting is really helping me. I feel like I am starting to get more to the core of my intention. I can feel how strongly you’re holding us and the invitation to get really intimately openly connected to our yonis and wombs is edgy and so, so what I am calling in.” 

-Alison W-

What type of transformation is being provided for you?

  • Confront negative cycles & release binds from toxic relationship patterns with full confidence that you can break through and feel freedom. 
  • Improve the immune functions, reproductive organs, blood, and libido
  • Release blocked energy and resentments from others
  • Embrace a safe container of emotional support and sisterhood
  • Learn to trust your GUT FEELING.
  • Enhance intuitive perception body-wisdom
  • Attract more joy & pleasure in your everyday life and sex life
  • Attract a healthy ideal romantic life/partner
  • Freedom from being held back by traumatizing experiencing
  • Cutting ties and breaking spells from past relationships
  • Reveal the root causes of problems and dis-ease in your ancestry, and to bring those causes to the surface for examination
  • Become a Priestess of Cycles. Learn balance, understand how to optimize your hormones and cyclic nature

you will receive

Private coaching/mentoring
Direct transmission of lineage teachings

Our live calls create intimacy and connection which activate the knowledge and teachings being passed down. Time for interaction as well as Q & A is what is most activating and motivating. Each apprentice receives attention and care in the container. 


Accountability is created with not only your mentor & guide Ayah but with another sister or as many as you wish. 

assistance positions at events

Apprentice positions at workshops, retreats, and public ceremonial events.

1 retreat: Bonus

A 1 day long retreat in the Santa Cruz Mts. 1 vegan meal included. It’s important to note that, this is included as an additional bonus ( a gift from my heart to yours ) but not required as the price of the apprenticeship does not change depending on whether or not you can attend. Pandemic considerations will provide a covid-safe protocol.  

certificates of completion

For The Completion Obsidian Womb Apprenticeship (must complete all course work)

a vision quest

A Vision Quest (calendar date TBA) this style will be individually created non-traditional 

Sweatlodge temazcal

If you live locally in the Santa Cruz mts of California you’ll be invited to take part in monthly women’s full moon temazcal aka purification rituals. This is additional so inquire within.

Soul ministry calls

3 x 1hr deep dive soul ministry calls with me through-out 3 months. 1 call per month

Ancestral Womb Healing Kit

The entire Obsidian Egg Ancestral Womb Healing Kit

Bi-weekly group meetings 

We meet as a group over zoom every 2 weeks for 90 minutes to deep dive into each module known as the “7 Steps to Owning Your Truth”  WE MEET EVERY ALTERNATING TUESDAY OF THE MONTH 

choose a format of coaching you wish to receive 
Sexual sovereignty activation Coaching

Sexual sovereignty is not only about owning your identity, gaining pleasure and freedom, but it’s the ability to live a life where you are completely connected & activated to create success through harmonizing with your female hormones & reproductive power. You’ll be guided to recognize negative emotional cycles & toxic relationship patterns that have been blocking the gateway to true pleasure. Gain insight into the your root cause of reproductive dis-ease in your ancestry. We’ll Align to your higher power to clarify what you really really want for your health and Sexual vitality in this time.

Soul Ministry Coaching

A unique coaching & dowsing format that helps individual clients to understand & recognize their personal goals, unique dharma (karmic gifts that you came here with), while identifying ancestral patterns and energetic blocks. The facilitator strategically aligns to their own as the client’s higher power to design a practical plan guiding them to confidently overcome what is getting in the way of attaining their highest priority in health and healing. Learn to create a safe sacred container, like a womb, where each sister is valid in her story, deeply listened to, and accountable to herself. Her vulnerability is her power to heal and there is no story that cannot be transformed and turned into medicine for the soul. Helping others to recognize the next steps that the soul is now ready to claim breaking free of negative cycles and reclaiming personal power and strength to walk in truth.

Womb wellness clinic day TBA

This is a day long womb wellness immersion in the Santa Cruz Mtns of California complementary for students that live in the area. For those who live internationally there will be bonus teachings online. *

commitment & Policies
  • Please note that policies have recently changed due to Covid-19 ​& to create space for life-circumstances to align & prioritize the deep work of this mentorship. We understand that you may be fully committed at heart but this contract relieves those who may come to realize that this level of work is not for you right now. We will evaluate together. If the client wants to terminate the contract by leaving the apprenticeship for any personal reasons, the client will undergo a termination fee of up to 20% of program value and will therefore be prorated for the expenses & time spent in the apprenticeship thus far. If the client decides to resubmit to the program in a future date, She will agree to pay current-fees posted again.
Apprenticeship Call Times (PT) - we meet every other week

Spring 2023 Dates TBA

Womb wellness clinic day TBA

We will meet in the Santa Cruz Mtns for one entire day long immersion. This is FREE or complimentary. Those unable to attend can join via web/online- streaming.

Those who wish to join from afar will be accomdated.

commitment & Policies
  • Please note that Due to Covid-19 ​& to create space for life-circumstances to align & prioritize the deep work of this mentorship. We understand that you may be fully committed at heart but this contract relieves those who may come to realize that this level of work is not for you right now. We will evaluate together. If the client wants to terminate the contract by leaving the apprenticeship for any personal reasons, the client will undergo a termination fee of up to 20% of program value and will therefore be prorated for the expenses & time spent in the apprenticeship thus far. If the client decides to resubmit to the program in a future date, She will agree to pay current-fees posted again.

Cancellation Policy

Please note that policies have recently changed due to Covid-19 ​& to create space for life-circumstances to align & prioritize the deep work of this mentorship. We understand that you may be fully committed at heart but this contract relieves those who may come to realize that this level of work is not for you right now. We will evaluate together. If the client wants to terminate the contract by leaving the apprenticeship for any personal reasons, the client will undergo a termination fee of up to 20% of program value and will therefore be prorated for the expenses & time spent in the apprenticeship thus far. If the client decides to resubmit to the program in a future date, She will agree to pay current-fees posted again.

the commitment

What is asked of Thee:


We ask for all of you!  Give us 100%

So, Generally there no dropping out of the apprenticeship. If life delays arise due to illnesses, deaths, or complications, the council will access an extension of completion of training. This path is for warriors of the heart and there is not limitation of time and space when one is undergoing a true life initiation.


  • 7 group meetings (via phone/zoom 90 mins each).
  • 3 Private Sexual Sovereignty or Soul Ministry Coaching Calls (1 per month). 2 calls w/Ayah & 1 call w/Initiate Coach
  • Group meetings will be live video calls on Zoom which you can easily download on your mobile phone, android, tablet, laptop, or call in from any phone. Calls will also be recorded although it is highly encouraged not to miss a call. Being on live video is not mandatory, yet it is an optimal option and will enable more direct transmission of information. Dial in phone numbers will be provided.
  • 1 Live Day-long Womb Wellness Retreat Northern California,  TBA
  • Adhering to the Sacred Code of Ethics
  • Daily practice minimal 30 minutes per day
  • 5 hours a week designated towards this training is optimal towards desired results.
  • Prices listed below!

Artist credit: Mariela de la Paz

is this program right for you?

Soul Ministry  Discovery  session

Set up a free 30 session to discuss if this program is aligned for you. use this button on the right.

Grateful for the medicine played out and the guidance of beloved Ayah. She has an apprenticeship program that I highly recommend if you’re ready to clear trauma! 🙅🏾‍♀️ The toxic intensity was part of the healing, transformation and integration. My intention in working with the obsidian crystal and during a time of “celibacy” was to give birth to my sovereignty in an ancestral and self loving way. The unveiling is happening as I continue to shed! 🐍🦋🌹 #obsidian #ObsidianYoniCrystal#Celibacy #9months #10MoreDays


Are You Ready? To be eligible you’ll need to begin by filling out a registration form. 


dear sister

Dear Sister, I know you ‘re curious to know the investment? I can assure you this program is the most economically available for you.  You’ll see most courses at this level offered are 5K or more! I”ll send you all the info you need. I would like to know more bout YOU first. Fill out this registration form, and you’ll be asked to immediately book a free Soul Ministry call to discuss the alignment of details. We’ll discuss anything you about dates, prices and requirements…

The Obsidian Egg Apprenticeship is a distance-based intensive and really requires your full participation to be most effective. To get the most of our time together, I ask that you creatively prioritize your investment to be on these calls together twice a month. I understand that everyone has different schedules and circumstances may arise where you cannot make a call, so all calls will be recorded and will be made available as needed. I have made alternate days and times to help accommodate everyone. Please consider the pre-planning you can make for yourself to show up as your best. .

  • Savc $300-$556  by signing up early
  • Pay in full before October 20th.

  • Must pay in full. Contracts do apply.
  • Immediate Deposit of $395 

  • 4 payments of $333

Currently, we offer 1 full scholarships per training and we have options for partial scholarships. You may apply for more than one training, but only one scholarship will be awarded per person per calendar year.  Please submit one application for each training.

Who is eligible:

This scholarship is allocated to those with multiple intersecting identities including BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, South Asian, Asian, Diasporic, Immigrants & People of Color) communities who otherwise wouldn’t be able to participate without support. Other intersectional considerations for BIPOC include LGBTQIA+ communities, as well as single-mothers,  eligible for public assistance, are experiencing discrimination, medical expenses, have dependents, previously incarcerated, living with a disability, among many others.

Fill out a form here:



It has certainly uprooted a lot and made certain aspects of myself super clear. Lots of tears, lots of shadowy stuff, and lots of breakthroughs. It truly is a no bullshit kind of practice and I love the authenticity and clarity of it and how it gets me rooted deeply into my core.

Santa Cruz

I achieved a great deal in the program. I came into the program still with my copper IUD. My hormones and my blood flow were way off balance. In many ways I felt distant from my body, intuition, heart, health, will, and life force. Now I am feeling much more health, sustainability, trust in my life, heart opening, vitality, and connection to my body. Thank you for your wisdom, care, respect, guidance, and support over the last couple months. I am feeling much more available and excited for my continued healing and for what life has to offer!

Reflecting on the power of the obsidian….and really your guidance with it was just as much an essential piece to unlock all the power & transformation. So thank you again for all that you carry!
Alison Wood

I can feel the depth, experience, and commitment to your lineage practices. The container you hold feels safe, sacred, and strong. I just can’t believe I waited so long in my life to experience a yoni steam! Mmmmm!
Elizabeth Bast

Completed year long !

“After completing a year-long protocol with the obsidian egg, I can say this is truly, truly life-changing work. It is profound and deep and mystical. The obsidian has an intelligence all its own, it really truly is a teacher and a technology. It allows us to connect with the Earth, with the Feminine, with the deepest subconscious aspects of ourselves that are asking for healing – both in our personal lives and in our lineage. I experienced a lot of breakdowns to breakthroughs over the course of this year, and was able to reclaim parts of myself that I honestly did not even know I had lost. I am in love with this work. I recommend this protocol whole-heartedly to any woman looking to go deep into herself and her healing. I cannot speak highly enough of the obsidian egg work and this protocol. Doing it for a year allows the egg to really work with you, to let the unfoldings of your unique personal journey truly reveal themselves. I found a deeper sense of peace in myself and my path in the world, profound healing of old traumas, and a deeper sense of self-trust and self-love. I’ve been able to transform the stories of my shadow selves with more grace and strength than I imagined possible. I’ve been humbled yet held up, discovering courage and wisdom in unexpected places  – and on the other side, I find myself stepping into an entirely new chapter of life, on pretty much every level. I am about to start another year-long protocol, to continue deepening in what has been revealed. “  Karina Allison, Bend OR

Graduates of level 3

“After a year of practicing with the obsidian egg, I can definitely say that I’m in a better place than where I started.  I find myself being able to be much more truthful with my partner and open with him in our intimate relationship.  I took out an IUD so that I could dive into this practice, and I’m glad that I did.  My moon cycle has become very regular, lighter, and more manageable. I definitely feel more connected to my womb, my cycle, and my desires since starting this work.  It’s a big commitment to make and a lot of work, it wasn’t always easy or enjoyable, but I am really pleased with where I find myself in this present moment.” Jenna Weitzman, Santa Cruz, Ca

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Embody your vision.
Ground it into the earth.
Sustain her.