obsidian yoni egg

“I started the egg practice on the Spring Equinox and I am currently on my week off. What a practice, wow!!! The first few days were really intense and the waves of intensity come and go. It has certainly uprooted a lot and made certain aspects of myself super clear. Lots of tears, lots of shadowy stuff, and lots of breakthroughs. It truly is a no bullshit kind of practice and I love the authenticity and clarity of it and how it gets me rooted deeply into my core. Thank you again for offering the workshop and for holding space for women to heal, alchemize, and transform. I appreciate you!”
Heather, Santa Cruz

Obsidian Yoni Eggs are only available through private orders. Live transmission of the Obsidian Egg Protocol is required.

This policy ensures sure they are being delivered with the proper integrity of instructions. The Obsidian Egg Protocol is received through live transmission only because there are contraindications to advise. There is a lot of misinformation out there that is passed around when one is not well-informed (often through second hand).

Our intention is to make sure that each one who receives this practice has highest priority of achieving the results & support they desire.

Ordering an obsidian egg

Is easy!

  1.  Complete & submit the intake order form
  2. Reserve your obsidian egg with payment for the requested egg size
  3. Schedule your 30 minute Discovery Session to receive the Obsidian Egg Protocol with Ayah


Complete & submit the intake order form


Select & Reserve your Obsidian Egg


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