Dear Wombmen Bodyworkers,

I am empowering and advocating what I call “RED TIME NOTICE” policy to assert w/ our fellow clients. I finally did it! No more pushing, exhausting, draining my body to work through my sacred time of the month! I just updated my massage policy last week. I’ve been meaning to do this for months now! It feels great. All women that want to adopt this RED TIME to your reality feel free to cut and paste!

It goes as follows:

Please note: during the first 3 days of my monthly moontime ( aka menstruation) I now take a retreat and work off. Timing is not always predetermined so please keep in mind that I will reschedule with a 24 hr RED TIME NOTICE or else provide a full refund. In modern society, women have not always honored this time of the month to rest. I can assure you that this is a sacred time of release and introspection. It is not an ideal time energetically for the exchange of energy through the hands. The purpose of this policy is for the highest good and benefit of all beings honoring what is most sacred and natural to the cycle of life.


Yours truly,