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Sexual sovereignty activation session

Sexual sovereignty is not only about owning your identity, gaining pleasure and freedom, but it’s the ability to live a life where you are completely connected & activated to create success through harmonizing with your female hormones & reproductive power. You’ll be guided to recognize negative emotional cycles & toxic relationship patterns that have been blocking the gateway to true pleasure. Gain insight into  your root cause of reproductive dis-ease in your ancestry. We’ll Align to your higher power to clarify what you absolutely want for your health and  Sexual vitality in this time.


These Sessions are private coaching & mentoring that helps you clarify and anchor personal goals, understand your dharma (karmic gifts that you came here with), and identify ancestral patterns and energetic blocks. We will strategically align to your higher power to design a practical plan to help you confidently overcome what is getting in the way of You attaining your highest goal of health and  Sexual vitality in this time. This Ministry session is a safe sacred container, like a womb where each sister is valid in her story, deeply listened to and accountable to herself.

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gratitude for ayah


“What a goddess! I am so blessed to be learning from this powerful medicine woman who carries and teaches Moon Dance medicine. I started attending Ayah’s Women, Drumming, and Power Songs circle last year and the sacred indigenous medicine songs called me home to my own brilliance.  
Gabriela G

It’s no surprise that I’ve experienced the most intense and passionate relationship of my life. Grateful for the medicine played out and the guidance of beloved Ayah. She has an apprenticeship program that I highly recommend if you’re ready to clear trauma! .
Ix-chel Sandivel

Obsidian egg practice has been a wonderful healing experience. I found deep connection with the rhythms and cycles of myself Mother Earth and Moon. Practicing with Ayah , I had a safe space to clear stuck energy and move forth with soul support through menopause.
Rachel Cepeda

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