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I have worked with Ayah extensively over the course of 3 years and have learned immeasurable amounts of information unraveling the mysteries of life. Her work in ritual and ceremony has guided me onto a new path of my own, and her advice and consultation have guided my healing over the course of the years. Ayah guided me on the use of the obsidian egg to clear unwanted negative energies from my body. Being able to place the egg, and know how to use it to clear intrusive negative energy and to dissipate unwanted energetic cords was a vital experience in my own deep healing. She is wise beyond her years and has a wealth of knowledge just waiting to be tapped. Tap in! You won’t regret it!

Anandha Ray


What a goddess! I am so blessed to be learning from this powerful medicine woman who carries and teaches Moon Dance medicine. I started attending Ayah’s Women, Drumming, and Power Songs circle last year and the sacred indigenous medicine songs called me home to my own brilliance.

Gabriela G

Obsidian Womb Apprentice

It’s no surprise that I’ve experienced the most intense and passionate relationship of my life. Grateful for the medicine played out and the guidance of beloved Ayah. She has an apprenticeship program that I highly recommend if you’re ready to clear trauma! .

Ix-chel Sandivel

Obsidian Womb Apprentice

Obsidian egg practice has been a wonderful healing experience. I found deep connection with the rhythms and cycles of myself Mother Earth and Moon. Practicing with Ayah , I had a safe space to clear stuck energy and move forth with soul support through menopause.
Rachel Cepeda

Obsidian Womb Apprentice

Oooo that herbal yoni steaming & QiGong ovarian breathing has me feelin’ like…❤️ Thank you Ayah Buonaugurio for your exquisite ceremonial facilitation through such a luscious, rejuvenating day of sisterhood, hot cacao, and divine music!


I can feel the depth, experience, and commitment to your lineage practices. The container you hold feels safe, sacred, and strong. I just can’t believe I waited so long in my life to experience a yoni steam! Mmmmm!

Elizabeth Bast

I started the egg practice on the Spring Equinox and I am currently on my week off. What a practice, wow!!! The first few days were really intense and the waves of intensity come and go. It has certainly uprooted a lot and made certain aspects of myself super clear. Lots of tears, lots of shadowy stuff, and lots of breakthroughs. It truly is a no bullshit kind of practice and I love the authenticity and clarity of it and how it gets me rooted deeply into my core. Thank you again for offering the workshop and for holding space for women to heal, alchemize, and transform. I appreciate you!


Obsidian Womb Apprentice

Reflecting on the power of the obsidian….and really your guidance with it was just as much an essential piece to unlock all the power & transformation. So thank you again for all that you carry!

Allison Wood

Obsidian Womb Apprentice

I achieved a great deal in the program. I came into the program still with my copper IUD. My hormones and my blood flow were way off balance. In many ways I felt distant from my body, intuition, heart, health, will, and life force. Now I am feeling much more health, sustainability, trust in my life, heart opening, vitality, and connection to my body. Thank you for your wisdom, care, respect, guidance, and support over the last couple months. I am feeling much more available and excited for my continued healing and for what life has to offer!”


Obsidian Womb Apprentice

10 days away from completing a 9 Full Moon celibacy journey. 🤰🏾🕯🔮💎 Nope it wasn’t pure celibacy. It was perfect for me and I contained my sexual energy in two very specific and confronting ways. 🙃💪🏾🤓🧜🏾‍♀️ The first 5 months were pure, after reaching my goal and surpassing my previous pure celibacy time period of 4.5 months, I was ready to begin the process of playing with my energy in a way that still honored my two specific boundaries. 💎✌🏾💖 Simultaneously I’ve been working with my Golden Obsidian Yoni Crystal every day except for the days I was guided to not use such as during my moon, close to 7 months now. It’s no surprise that I’ve experienced the most intense and passionate relationship of my life. 🤪🥳🦇❣️Obsidian is a protective stone of truth that clears trauma that my ancestors used. 💎

Grateful for the medicine played out and the guidance of beloved Ayah. She has an apprenticeship program that I highly recommend if you’re ready to clear trauma! 🙅🏾‍♀️ The toxic intensity was part of the healing, transformation, and integration. My intention in working with the obsidian crystal and during a time of “celibacy” was to give birth to my sovereignty in an ancestral and self-loving way. The unveiling is happening as I continue to shed! 🐍🦋🌹

Ix-Chel Sandivel

Obsidian Womb Apprentice

Testimonial from Initiate Anandha Ray

by Anandha Ray

Obsidian Womb Apprenticeship

Now enrolling! September 22nd, 2021

Working with the Obsidian yoni egg we  journey together for 3 months online via zoom calls, emails, private Soul Ministry coaching, workshops, 1 live day-long retreat, and group forums to support one  to thrive & embody our truth as we overcome our most difficult shadowy health challenges as women.

  • Attune to lunar rhythms, balance hormones & regulate cycles effectively
  • Receive support from mentorship and an empowered female community 
  • Cultivate Ovarian Qigong & female vitality practice
  • Uncover your root cause of reproductive issues and disease Heal sexual trauma & pelvic floor discomfort

obsidian yoni eggs

Receive the Obsidian Egg Protocol through live transmission.

  • Restore healthy feminine yin balance
  • Remove trauma
  • Unlock creativity
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    Ancestral womb healing


  • Obsidian egg
  • Protocol guidelines PDF,
  • Sacred Code of Ethics & Safe keeping
  • 90 min Webinar
  • 1 Private Soul Ministry Session 60min
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    private coaching

    Help clarify and anchor personal goals, understand your dharma (karmic gifts that you came here with), and identify ancestral patterns and energetic blocks.

  • 35 min sessions
  • 60 min sessions
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