There are many benefits of being exposed to the light of the moon.

Did you know that my menstrual cycle was irregular, painful, and confusing for so many years until I started dancing and singing under the moonlight?!



When is the last time you’ve shut off all lights at night and exposed yourself to the light of the moon? Can you think of the last time you basked in the dark of the moon, allowing the lack of light to permeate your environment? How long has it been since you’ve allowed your eyesight to devour an entire array of stars and dreams as wide as the galaxy?  

As far back as the Ancient Egyptians inhabited the earth, the moon has long been associated with the cycle of fertility. It likely was associated with fertility even before then!

Women used to menstruate on the new moon, in sync as a tribe. Women were once honored and given permission to rest during these cycles when darkness prevailed as a result of the moon. Nowadays, we push and over-work ourselves, all while we are constantly exposed to artificial lights. Have you ever stopped to consider how dependent or affected you are by electric light at night?

Many studies have shown that electromagnetic frequencies (EMF’s) can have destructive effects on sex hormones, gonadal function, fetal development, and pregnancy. In the same way that indoor plants are affected by grow lights, we are impacted by constant artificial light that surrounds us. Consider that plants have artificial light that manipulates them to grow when there is no sunlight around. Imagine how constant light penetrating your skin is giving thousands of mixed messages to your cells & neurotransmitters throughout the day. Is it for nothing that we as humans have become more disconnected to the earth’s rhythms and functioning health as these civilized ways of technology deteriorate our inner intuitive compass? Why is our hormonal stress and disease in our bodies increasing? If you were exposed solely to the natural light at night, might your body behave differently? Imagine how your hormones, your sleep cycles, and perhaps your perception and mood could change had there not been artificial lights on every night since childhood. 

     “In the past, when we were more in touch with the natural light of the moon, we could receive its effects on ourselves. With electric and city lights, we tend to be distracted from natural light and less aware of its effects on us. The ancient Taoists considered ovulation to be a powerful time and called the day a woman ovulates her “full moon.” When the moon is full, energy naturally ascends in the body. During Ovulation about fourteen days before menstruations, large amounts of hormones circulate in a woman’s body, increasing her emotions and passionate, magical powers. “ During the new moon the energy in the body is naturally descending. When a woman menstruates during the new moon she is influenced by her instinctual center, the sexual organs which are tied to the moon and natural cycles. When a woman menstruates around the full moon, her cycle is influenced more by her erotic center (the brain). Generally, when a woman is more yang she will menstruate during the full moon. When she is more yin she menstruates during the new moon.” ~Minke de Vos, Tao Tantric Arts for Women~

Again and again, women tell me when they’re exposed to environments during traveling or retreat, where they can be exposed outside under moonlight, that their cycles would easily sync up to the moon. They reported easeful periods while feeling it was the first time their bodies listened to the signal to rest when felt the need to rest. Women who have been exposed to moonlight and sync up with the moon have told me that they no longer had pain or PMS during their cycles! How might this be? That the closer we come to the natural cycles the healthier and more tuned-in we are with our bodies?! Imagine this innate wisdom is right here on the earth outside of our tainted walls, if only we stop and allow ourselves to be illuminated by Grandmother moon.

I speak this not just for all women who menstruate and desire to have a consistent, connected cycle, but for those who want to conceive a child. I speak for the women who no longer menstruate yet are still influenced and connected to the tides, and for the sensitive men who can also benefit from understanding that they too are influenced by Grandmother moon. Men are also emotionally influenced by the tides of the moon, some more than others. This is a callout for all of us to awaken to the caliber of homeostasis that occurs with natural light.

So yes, I affirm that there is a connection to estrogen and progesterone hormones regulating when you stomp on the earth under the moon! Another positive effect of moonlight exposure is that it produces melatonin, an amino-acid & building block to the brain which stimulates neurotransmitters such as serotonin to be produced. Additionally, negative ions that we’re exposed to in the air expose us to more oxygen flow in the body allowing hormonal and cognitive functions to improve more rapidly. There is a frequency that resonates throughout our cells when we lay down upon the earth or gaze up at the moon, a resonance which immediately seeks to calms the nervous system. Mother Nature is our true medicine. 

Simple suggestions if you’re ready moon bathing benefits:

TURN OFF YOUR LIGHTS. Especially your electronics at night.  

If this is difficult, you may be past due for a digital detox! Perhaps it’s easier to ween yourself? Try candles at night or changing lamps to dim light settings in the house.

Are you afraid of the dark? Challenge and be playful with this fear!

Do you love the dark? Expose yourself more to this creativity by turning off the lights. See what happens. 

You’ll notice your eyes will become stronger and peripheral sight will improve, stimulating the pineal gland which is one of our sharpest receptors for emitting neurotransmitters.