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Womb Clearing Meditation 


Please note: The following recording is part of Obsidian Womb Apprenticeship Online Program. Audio instructions will apply to specific theme of apprenticeship. 


Why listen?

  • Feeling numbness or lack of connection to the uterus & ovaries
  •  Release resentment & emotional blocks.
  • Open to the allow more light and healing energy in. 

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Sexual sovereignty  is not only about owning your  identity, gaining pleasure and freedom, but it’s the ability to live a life where you are completely connected & activated to create success through harmonizing with your female hormones & reproductive power. You’ll be guided to recognize negative emotional cycles & toxic relationship patterns that have been blocking the gateway to true pleasure. Gain insight into  your root cause of reproductive dis-ease in your ancestry. We’ll Align to your higher power to clarify what you absolutely want for your health and  Sexual vitality in this time.


Obsidian Womb Apprenticeship

Now enrolling! September 22nd, 2021

Working with the Obsidian yoni egg we  journey together for 3 months online via zoom calls, emails, private Soul Ministry coaching, workshops, 1 live day-long retreat, and group forums to support one  to thrive & embody our truth as we overcome our most difficult shadowy health challenges as women.

  • Attune to lunar rhythms, balance hormones & regulate cycles effectively
  • Receive support from mentorship and an empowered female community 
  • Cultivate Ovarian Qigong & female vitality practice
  • Uncover your root cause of reproductive issues and disease Heal sexual trauma & pelvic floor discomfort

obsidian yoni eggs

Receive the Obsidian Egg Protocol through live transmission.

  • Restore healthy feminine yin balance
  • Remove trauma
  • Unlock creativity
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    Ancestral womb healing


  • Obsidian egg
  • Protocol guidelines PDF,
  • Sacred Code of Ethics & Safe keeping
  • 90 min Webinar
  • 1 Private Soul Ministry Session 60min
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    private coaching

    Help clarify and anchor personal goals, understand your dharma (karmic gifts that you came here with), and identify ancestral patterns and energetic blocks.

  • 35 min sessions
  • 60 min sessions
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    Sliding Scale


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